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Corporate culture

Talent concept

The company advocates the enterprise spirit of "dedication, integrity, team and innovation", attaches importance to the staff's character and ability, and requires the staff to have the professional dedication and pioneering ability, strong dedication and sense of responsibility, modern management awareness, and advocacy of teamwork spirit. The company provides a good working environment and development platform for its employees with scientific and standardized management. The talent concept of "gathering talents with culture, motivating them with salary, retaining talents with mechanism and cultivating talents with career" realizes the common development and progress of employees and enterprises, and makes the company a world-class enterprise.

Talent strategy
Excellent talents are the cornerstone of enterprise strategic goals and the driving force of enterprise sustainable development. With scientific talent cultivation methods, effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform and broad career development space, the company allows every employee to fully reflect their self-value in our collective, and achieve the maximum agreement between individual career planning and enterprise development goals, so that employees and enterprises can grow together.
Employment principle
Human talent, talent, human management.