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Dongguan UTR instrument technology co., LTD. Is a medium and high-end instrument technology enterprise integrating scientific research, design and development, production and manufacturing, sales and service. Is located in the "world factory" reputation of dongguan, China, set up manufacturing base in dongguan, factory building area of 2000 square meters, the company led by a highly skilled management, business sales, design, development, production, manufacturing, inspection, after-sales service measures, etc, management of elite and backbone of business and engineering and technical personnel. We are always adhering to the "continuous innovation" concept, with the joint development of east China university of science and technology the tensile testing machine dedicated software system, bring a new round of technological innovation for testing machine industry, through our study, the software and hardware products have made progress, precision has reached the advanced level at home and abroad, collection and resolution can reach 1/500000; The company adopts AutoCAD, ProE and Solid Works 3d product design software for product design. In the same industry, our company machine parts, CNC machining center, CNC machine tools and other advanced machining; And has a number of national standards and provincial metrological verification requirements of high precision testing instruments; It provides favorable conditions and strong guarantee for the company's independent design and development, production and manufacturing, and measurement and inspection. Has the consummation reliable product development process and the rigorous quality control system. The product is designed and developed in strict accordance with the project standards and testing requirements of the national measuring instrument type test; The quality inspection department selects high-quality raw materials and parts from qualified suppliers, conducts strict incoming inspection, and signs the quality assurance agreement for the suppliers of key parts to ensure strict quality control from the source. Follow the strict production process in the process of production, each process to observe the strict project inspection; Implement the final factory inspection and testing system before the product leaves the factory; The company always regards the terminal after-sales service as an extension of product quality control. We form a consulting service and technical support team dominated by technical engineers, responsible for solving the difficulties and problems encountered by domestic and foreign customers. The company adheres to the people-oriented humanized management concept, fully respects the development needs of employees, and gives every employee the opportunity to learn, improve and develop. Senior technical and managerial positions are preferred to be promoted from within; Companies care about the physical and mental development of employees!